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  1. Method of development of wool fiber blended yarn using conventional ring and rotor spinning lines. Patent Application No.160/2024.
  2. Enzymatic Degumming for the development of spinnable banana fiber. Patent Application No.781/2023.
  3. Processing of coloured garments using ozone-in-air and aerosol in combination for diverse wash effects. Patent Application No.781/2023.
  4. Quantum dots reinforced size materials for economic and eco-friendly sizing. Patent Application No.721/2023
  5. A Method Of Manufacturing A 3D Woven Reinforced Flexible Rapier Tape. Application No. 368-2023.
  6. A Knit-like woven fabric structure with synergetic extension and mechanical characteristics. Application No. 263-2023.  
  7. Woven and knitted fabrics made from staple spun blended yarn of sisal. Application No. 959-2021.
  8. A Multilayered Natural Fiber Composite Helmet Application No. 708-2021 (Granted).
  9. A Method for preparation of spinnable banana fibers. Application No. 707-2021 (Granted).

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