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  1. A webinar on Sustainability and Innovation in a Weaving Mill was conducted on April 04, 2023. (Speaker: Mr. Radice Rinaldo)


  2. A webinar on “Reality & Challenges of circular textile supply chain: Current status of Pakistan and way forward” was conducted on January 26, 2023. (Speaker: Mr. Giovanni Sommariva)



  3. A webinar on “Sustainable technologies for reducing the environmental impact of denim finishing operations” was conducted on January 17, 2023. (Speaker: Mr. Giovanni Sommariva)

  4. A webinar on Italian Technology for Water and Energy Saving in Dyeing and Finishing Processes” was conducted on December 22, 2022. (Speaker: Mr. Uday Paul Singh Gill)


  5. A webinar on “Fashion and Sustainability” was conducted on December 12, 2022 (Speaker: Prof. Alberto Saccavinion)

  6. A webinar on “Challenges and Opportunities in Establishing the Supply Chain of Textile Waste Recycling” was conducted on October 25, 2022.(SpeakerMr. Adam Baruchowitz)


  7. A webinar on “Transition of  Textile Industry to Embrace Circularity” was conducted on September 26, 2022. (Speaker: Mr. Uday Paul Singh Gill)

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