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Value Added Textiles From Pakistani Wool

Wool has the potential to bring unique properties to several non-conventional products such as nonwovens in areas as diverse as electrostatic air filters and domestic wipes. Environmental pressures are now being widely felt with industries and the public demanding environmentally sustainable olutions. Unfortunately, Pakistan is producing only some courser qualities of wool which can only be used to produce carpets and blankets. Therefore, new and novel products are required to utilize this important commodity in our country. The work package has the following aims:

  1. Brainstorming, designing a strategy, and ultimately collecting, sorting, and grading wool from different areas of Pakistan.
  2. Value-addition of Pakistani wool through optimization of its production and pre-treatment processes.
  3. Functionalizing the wool using nanotechnology and its utilization to produce value-added and marketable textiles.

Many natural and synthetic textile fibers have already been modified using different techniques, one prominent technique to functionalize the fiber is by using nanotechnology. In this project we feel an immense need for functionalization of wool fibers, using different coatings for the introduction of different properties that are usually not present in wool naturally, can make it much more useful and may broaden the market size and use of this fiber in technologically advanced fabrics.

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