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Upgradation of Indigenous Power Looms

Three hundred thousand Power looms installed at various cities of Punjab, including Faisalabad, Multan, Kamalia, Gogra, Hafizabad, and Kasoor. The sector is in crises due to obsolete technology that cause poor quality of fabric produced. These manufacturing units have a capacity of ten million meters of daily production. The Power Looms are locally manufactured units, but no knowledge is added for improvement in the last thirty years. There is an utmost need for up-gradation of this sector, especially in terms of speed and quality, which means a significant modification in engineering design and the addition of automation. There is also a need to optimize energy cost for this sector. The challenge of fulfilling these requirements will be to make sure to keep the cost-effectiveness. This WP aims at:

  1. To increase RPM of current Power loom by 30%.
  2. To improve the quality of the woven fabric made by Power Loom.

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