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Work Package-5 Team

Indigenous Development of Novel and High-End Textile Value Chains

This work package focuses on development of scientifically original nine products listed below having considerable global export market volume. This work package is main contributing part of this project.

  1. Development of bio active textile using nanofinishes.
  2. Development of Functional coated textile.
  3. Development of ceramic coated high abrasion resistant textiles.
  4. Fabrication of functional workwears for protection.
  5. To engineer the smart breathable fabrics that can respond to changing environment.
  6. Development of IR camouflage aerogel-based fabrics.
  7. Development of composite filament yarn and fabrics having UV,abrasion and soil resistance as well as fire retardancy.
  8. Development of novel 2D and 3D woven/knitted auxetic fabrics for better performance.
  9. Development of two dimensional (2D), and three-dimensional (3D) multilayer and spacer woven fabrics with high performance yarns

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