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Pakistan’s textile and clothing sector has the potential to compete with international brands in the local market as well as in the global market. In these changing circumstances, rapid global changes in export patterns and success stories of Southeast Asian economies under the present conditions provide a set of guidelines for the Pakistani textiles industry on how to formulate and implement more extensive market strategies to capture more share in the global market. With a favorable environment and sound production, the question arises; why Pakistan does not own any famous textile brand in the international market? The second question arises that instead of manufacturing for international brands, why manufacturing companies of Pakistan do not launch brands in the international market. One of the basic strategies for economic development is to flourish business beyond the national boundaries through entry into the international markets. Concurrently, the current textile policy of Pakistan has the main focus on the enhancement of textile export by the competitiveness of textile products in existing markets, exploring new international markets of existing and new innovative products, and launching global brands of Pakistani textile products The following goals are developed based on the discussion:

  1. To find out the competitiveness of the different subsections of existing Pakistani textile industries through the GEM model by utilizing factors of competitive advantages.
  2. To explorer new global markets for selected products of Pakistani textile through a gravity model.
  3. To suggest practical strategies that lead towards the success of local textile brands in the global market based on the qualitative study.
  4. Developing global brands for any textile product in Pakistan and sharing its case study with established textile industries as a guide.

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